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Our nourishing hair rinse helps promote hair growth and simultaneously helps to keep the hair strong, healthy, and moisturized. Made with a mix of beneficial farm-grown herbs, just add hot water and let it steep until cool. Each jar is fitted with a straining lid that allows you to pour the rinse over your hair directly from the jar. Use the rinse after your typical hair washing routine and don't wash it out. Your hair will havea delicious relaxing scent of rosemary and will feel softer and look shinier. 


Ingredients & Benefits: 

  • Hops- for thicker stronger hair
  • Calendula- for hair growth and silkyness
  • Chamomile- prevents split ends and promotes growth and shine
  • Tremella- intense hydration
  • Lavender- increases circulation to hair follicles and promotes thickness & growth
  • Marshmallow Root- moisturizing, detangling, smoothing, helps prevent breakage
  • Rosemary- boost hair growth, keep scalp healthy,
  • Lemon Verbena- strengthening and growth enhancing 

Nourishing Hair Rinse

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