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Our Background

Picaflor means hummingbird in Chilean Spanish. Picaflor Farm and Gardens' owner, Karen Purcell, was born and raised in Chile, South America. They grew up watching birds with their dad in the Andes mountains, and gardening with their mom in the Central Valley. They especially loved hummingbirds because Chile has a huge variety! The Giant Hummingbird (Patagona gigas) was a favorite! Here in Ithaca we only have one species of hummingbird, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird -but it is still exciting to see and easy to attract!


Karen studied at Cornell University as an undergraduate and got their Master's at New York University. They worked at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for over twenty years. They then began their life-long dream of owning a farm and gardening service that works with nature instead of against nature, encourages wild and stunningly beautiful gardens, and gives back to the earth.

Our Farm sells honey, flowers, herbs, eggs, fiber, and high quality, organic medicinal products including skin and hair care, bath, aromatherapy, and pet care. Our products are made in small batches, with our own beeswax and lovingly grown flowers, herbs, and medicinal plants.


Picaflor Gardens provides individualized gardening services based on artistry, creativity, and regenerative practices and innovation, and form lasting relationships with our clients.

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