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Juniper Plant


What We Do


Bird and Insect-Friendly Garden Design

Picaflor Gardens designs and installs bird and instect-friendly gardens of all sizes! Our gardens attract and give back to wildlife. We only use earth friendly products and approaches to creating and maintaining gardens. We aim to create 'rambling', wild gardens that attract and benefit birds, butterflies, and bees and are good for your soul. We build and integrate bird-friendly structures including water fountains or features, bird feeders, and nestboxes and nesting platforms in responsible, creative, and beautiful landscapes.


Gardening Services

Picaflor Gardens also provides weeding services, garden cleanup and maintenance, invasive plant removal, trimming, edging, and mulching. In the fall we will help you put your gardens to bed for the winter! In the spring we'll help you jump-start your gardens. We work side by side with you to create low-maintenance, organic gardens, increase native plants and beneficial insects, and increase the overall  health, natural richness, and biodiversity of your land. Our aim is to work collaboratively with you and your family! Kids are welcome to work with us! 


Raised Beds and Enclosed Gardens

Picaflor Gardens provides construction of simple, sustainable, and non-toxic raised beds, trellis’, and beautiful enclosed gardens to keep your flowers and veggies safe from deer! We build elevated beds for container gardening that is easier on the body!


Other Specialty Gardens

Picaflor Gardens also designs and installs specialty gardens, including tea gardens, herb gardens, sensory gardens, medicinal gardens, and edible gardens of all sizes. Beginning gardeners can start their gardening journey with a small manageable specialty garden without getting overwhelmed!

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